Top 10 Most Expensive Currencies in 2017

10. Switzerland: Swiss Franc - 1 = 45 Rs

There is no surprise at all when Switzerland makes its entry in any list that has positive connotations to it. Switzerland even though part of European Union uses its own currency called Franc like UK. And exchanging 1 Franc will get you 1.11 Dollars or around 70 INR.

9. United Kingdom: GBP - 1 = 64 Rs

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Now this name won’t surprise many. An erstwhile world power who still holds a sway in the world has a very useful and high valued currency. One British pound when exchanged gives you around 1.30 Dollar which is around 90INR.

8. European Union: Euro - 1 = 70 Rs

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Not a country but a bloc of nations and when nations come together for trade and other purposes, the economy is bound to be stronger and the value of the currency is high. European Union’s currency Euro which is used in 26 European nations will get you 1.33 dollar or 80 INR for every 1 euro exchanged. A currency that you would like to have.

7. Cayman Island: KYD - 1 = 78 Rs

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Another surprise entry to this list. But Cayman Island is economically very stable. Exchanging 1 Cayman Island Dollar-which is their currency will get you 1.31 Dollars which is around 70 in INR.

6Gibraltar: GIP - 1 = 83 Rs

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Another surprise entry in this list. This African nation has a very high valued currency that not many of us are aware of. 1 Gibraltar is equal to 1.30 Dollars which is around 90 INR.

5. Jordan: JOD - 1 = 90 Rs

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Another middle-eastern country. Rich in Oil and hence a rich economy and a high valued currency. Exchanging one Jordanian currency will give you 1.42 Dollars which is 80 in INR

4. Latvia: Euro - 1 = 103 Rs

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A surprise entry in this list. This Eastern European country is not often in news?good or bad. But having the Latvian Lats is beneficial. Exchanging one Lats will give you around 1.52 Dollars which is around 104 INR.

3. Oman: OMR - 1 = 166 Rs

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Another Middle-Eastern country with high valued currency. For every Omani Rial exchanged you get around 2.57 Dollars or around 176 INR.

2. Bahrain: BHD - 1 = 170 Rs

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Many would be surprised to see Bahrain in the list but Bahraini Dinar is the second most valued currency in the world. For every Bahraini Dinar exchanged you get up to 3.46 dollars or 230 INR. (The currency exchange rates fluctuate a lot)

1. Kuwait: KWD - 1 = 211 Rs

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An oil rich country located in the middle-east, Kuwait has the highest valued currency in the world currently. The currency is called Kuwait Dinar and for exchanging a single Dinar you’ll get 3.6 Dollars or around 250 INR.

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