Top 10 Countries With The Largest Population 2017

10. Japan 127,350,000

Japan is 10th largest in the world population-wise, but it’s population is less than 10% of the population of China. Japan has a population of 127,350,000 which are 1.79% of the world’s population

9. Russia143,400,000

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Russia is the largest country in the world by far, but population-wise it is only 9th in the world with a total population of 143,400,000 which are only 2.02% of the world’s population

8. Bangladesh152,518,015

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Bangladesh, to the east of India on the Bay of Bengal, is a South Asian country marked by lush greenery and many waterways. Its Padma (Ganges), Meghna and Jamuna rivers create fertile plains, and travel by boat is common. On the southern coast, the Sundarbans, an enormous mangrove forest shared with Eastern India, is home to the royal Bengal tiger.

7. Nigeria173,615,000

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Not far behind Pakistan, Nigeria has a population of 173,615,000 which accumulate to 2.44% of the entire population

6. Pakistan183,830,000

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Population of 183,830,000, 2.59% of the total human population in the world

5. Brazil193,946,000

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Brazil is 5th largest in the world by size and also by population with 193,946,000 which are 2.73% of the total human population

4. Indonesia237,641,000

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4th largest in the world with 237,641,000 people – 3.35% of the world population

3. United States326,101,527

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Third largest population in the world but far far behind China and India is the United States. With 316,364,000 in population, and 4.45% of the total population on the planet. The United States is also 4th largest in the world by area

2. India - 1,340,023,149

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Not too far behind, India has the second largest population in the world with  1,231,990,000  (over than 1.2 billion). India’s population is 17.3% of the entire world population. India and China together consist of 26.4% of the total human population!

1. China1,387,299,265

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The largest population in the world with over 1.3 billion people – 1,359,100,000 to be exact. China’s population alone is 19.1% of the entire population on earth! China is also the third largest in the world by size (after Russia and Canada)

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